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PATIENT CARE SERVICES IN DELHI provide comprehensive solution at own home which provide medical as well non- medical services at your own comfort home and include daily activity which the Patient need to perform, While handling the Patient some activity need to perform by caregiver such as medication management , personal hygiene, help in bathing, assist in latrine etc. This services perform by experience caregiver or Attendant which they gain experience from hospitals or past services which observation experts trainer. This services Provide by the care giver as per requirement of client which be hospital or some other place or client home which some time specific the needs of client, Reeta Nursing provide PATIENT CARE SERVICES IN DELHI


Many company provide Patient care service for hourly basis but best recommanded for the service which is 12 or 24 hours this is help for the patient to look after contiously and monititor the movment assist the on time time which may be emotional support or physical support. Cleint does not require to change care giver if hire 24 hour basis.


  • Medication : Timely provide medication by caregiver increase the chances recovery of patient , care should know the list of medication which provide the patient, Care giver should not be negligence about medication
  • Nutrition: Care giver provide timely nutrition to to patient and know about some basic and given specification as per client or nutritionist direction,
  • Sponging and Bathing : Caregiver provide in assisting of bathing and Sponging for maintained the hygiene and clean the patient regularly
  • Mobility : Assisting to mobility to person who are paralysis or gone through some miner accident, care should well know for providing mobility services.

Why would Reeta nursing is first choice of patient care services

Patient Caregiver

we are deal in Patient care service in Delhi for year we know what clients expectation and we are stand on it , we provide almost 100 care giver in Delhi or some part in Delhi NCR, our care giver are well experience and know the sitatuation how to handle it without any mischief.

we are serve 12 hours or 24 hour care giver as per client requirement in Delhi which may in home or some place for more enquiry contact us-9319654240

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