About Reeta nursing
Reeta Nursing and old-age Care Service in Delhi is one of the leading businesses in the Home health care services .Also know Home Nursing Services, Home health Services For Ventilator patient, Mentally or Cancer challenged patient. company provide various range of services like Baby Sitter, Infant care, Patient care, elder care. Company provide all possible services for Senior Citizen.

Appoint of care givers
all appointment of caregiver is made through registered Gmail( reetanursingagency@gmail.com) or registered mobile no.(9319654240 ) Client received conformation of appoint by the team regarding the appoint of caregivers

selection of care givers
Reeta nursing has bunches of care giver which may appoint as per the requirement of client , Reeta nursing try to give the best care giver which fit to requirement the patient needs , client cant choose the specific care giver at point its personal will
of care giver any uncertainty arise Reeta nursing change the caregiver without notice given to client although a proper provision regarding the same has made.

Client Agreement
client will disclose all the information about the patient whit in 5 days from appoint of caregivers if proper information in not given and any mischief has done agency or caregiver both will not liable¬† also caregiver can refuse to work, client agree that the Service is advised by a legal medical practitioner and you accept the responsibility of Service and risks involved. Client agree there high risk in maintaining patient by care givers there is chances of failure which result in negative impact on patient health in thus agency or caregiver will not liable or cant bear the cost. Reeta nursing provide care giver after through inflexible verification Reeta Nursing will not liable any criminal activity has done by caregiver also client agree services given by caregivers doesn’t
guarantee recovery of patient health . client gives the patient data to Reeta nursing for future use and also given to caregiver as the case need, Reeta nursing will not liable if date is misused by caregivers

Proper environment for care giver
client should giver proper work environment for care giver as their requirement for 12 hours or 24 hours in client home or any places, care giver should not harassed or abused whether Emotionally or physically.

services on leave
caregivers only stick his/ her services which his/her assigning by company on appoint caregivers not may liable to do other house hold activities, its is upto discretionary on caregiver he/ she work on religious holiday Reeta nursing will not provide services on festival holidays.

Reeta nursing accept the payment via cheque / cash ,google pay phone pay, Paytm etc. advance payment of half month that is (15) day must provide before appoint of caregiver if client continuously  took service client may pay remaining payment before the end of initial (15) day
if client is not pay the advances services may terminates by Reeta nursing and further any liability should not arise on caregiver or Reeta Nursing. Remainder of payment will given by through via Whatsapp business or phone call, SMS.

Refund of payment
If any uncalculated event arise such as suitable of patient is not found Reeta nursing may terminates services that case refund period is maximum 20 day from the services terminates also No refund is made if the patient is expire during the services period.

Cancellation of services
services may terminate by Reeta Nursing if any misconduct or badness happened with caregiver or failure of payment after 2 reminder or could not give replacement or unavailability of caregiver. Termination made through call, SMS, Whatspp business.
Client should not pay the salary on care giver hand if client doses, on that day services may terminates after any mischief or criminal activity happened Reeta nursing will not liable.

By availing the service you are agree by default our term and condition