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Patient care assistant services at Reeta Nursing have been ranked as the best in offering excellent care in Delhi, NCR. Home care services that we provide are individualized and with the help of our service, all aspects of the lives of your dear ones can be arranged to ensure patient care at home. Whether you need help for your elderly and disabled family members, care of surgical patient, or for those who have a chronic illness, we are here to be of help.

Patient Care Assistants:

Patient care assistants are essential at Reeta Nursing since they have been trained deliberately to render the best nursing services to the patients with so much consideration. They can help with washing, dressing up, combing their hair, and feeding among others since they also offer fellowship to the old people they are said to be attending.

Specialized Palliative Treatment

The main components of our palliative care services are the symptom management services and supportive care. Both care professionals coordinate their efforts to attend to a variety of standard patient needs, including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Ambulatory Patient Care Assistant:

Regarding the patients who can move around but are unable to perform their daily duties, we have ambulatory patient care that will do justice for you. Our caregivers train them on how they need to physically mobilize, how to administer medication, and other self-care services so that the patient can face life with all the required care yet independently.

Comprehensive outpatient care

We offer outpatient private practice for customers who need frequent medical checkups after admission or surgery. We employ professional and qualified caregivers who do not rush through the client’s needs and create a health care plan that is suitable for a given client.

Complete Care Services for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Sometimes caring for patients with dementia or those with Alzheimer’s can be very challenging. The company has purpose-built and very well-designed Dementia care homes in Delhi, NCR. In addition, it proves a clinical environment, patient comfort, and patient stimulation are our paramount concerns.

Chronic Disease Management: Progressive Patient Care

The progressive patient care services available to patients are organized for patients who have chronic diseases that need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Our caregiver nurses have good knowledge of handling medical equipment and the proper administration of medications for any shift in the patient’s health status to be attended to immediately.

Dedicated Dialysis Patient Care

Dialysis is crucial for patients with kidney problems; therefore, we include our dialysis patient care services in the list. This includes transportation to treatment facilities, ensuring a proper intake of recommended medication, and post-treatment care to ensure patients experience the dialysis process without much stress.

Reliable Caretakers for Home

Hiring a good home caretaker is very important to ensure your loved one is well taken care of under those conditions. Reeta Nursing comprises professional caretakers who can provide the most common assistance, including personal care and contingent medical help if needed. Our caretakers’ main mission is to provide excellent care so that clients can afford to stay in their homes with dignity.

Why choose Reeta Nursing?

With more than a decade of operation and equipped with professional staff, Reeta Nursing is the foremost company for patient care services in Delhi, NCR. Today we have successfully assisted more than 50,000 clients, combining prompt deployment with individualized care plans for every patient. Our experienced caregivers can make themselves available for 24-hour care for your loved ones around the clock.

Contact us today for exceptional patient care.

For special care needed at home or if a loved one requires help, do not hesitate to give Reeta Nursing a call. Our qualified and friendly caregivers are standing by to deliver the best care and quality services to enable you to have a good feeling that your loved ones are well taken care of. You can call us right away or go to our website to find out more about our wide-ranging patient care services in Delhi, NCR.

When you work with Reeta Nursing, you are choosing a company that promotes the improvement of the quality of life of the relatives. Let us assist you and offer the highest quality of care right in the comfort of your own home.

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